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Introducing –
A revolutionary way of reading.

The future of libraries, today!

This platform offers learners, parents and educators the opportunity to access thousands of eLibrary resources anywhere, anytime and on any device, across all eleven South African languages! 

What’s it about?


Our aim is to cultivate a culture of reading within our Nation, by making available a revolutionary method of reading. Through creating attractive content which appeals to our children, we aim to develop within them a genuine love for reading.


  • Highly cost-effective.
  • 24/7 access to the site.
  • No limit on the number of books a child can read per day.
  • New book titles added regularly, at no additional cost.
  • No waiting period to read a book.
  • Different users can read the same book at the same time.
  • Books can be re-read as many times as a learner wishes.

Live tracking

 Access to detailed reporting at any given time. These real-time reports provide insight into the performance of the pupils through overall reporting by school, by grade, by book, and even by pupil.


Homework hub

The homework hub is an additional feature included at no additional cost which allows each school to set up assignments and tasks for learners. This feature also assists the teacher with evaluation and monitoring of reading proficiency for learners.

Kibooks content

We endeavor to include as much locally produced content as possible, while still gleaning from some of the top publishing houses in the United Kingdom and abroad, providing holistic insight to our young readers.

Mission and vision

To be the foremost efficient provider of curriculum-based library and other educational resources to schools and communities, in partnership with key players in the educational sector by leaning on responsible corporate citizens, thereby enhancing the quality of educational outcomes.

Important information


Kibooks is subscription-based, and is billed annually in advance. View our rate card here – simply select your preferred package, and which user range applies.

Limitless reading

Unlike traditional eLibrary platforms, where a publisher sells a single copy to a single online user, allows all subscribers access to a title at any time.


Need help? You can “report a problem” or use the “enquire here” and “contact us” functions. These are for general and help related queries.


Video tutorials, demonstrating how to navigate and use the site, will be available to all subscribers.


Thousands of eBooks are already loaded onto the platform and instantly available for the user to access.

Sponsors & branding

Branding throughout the platform relating to your corporate identity, will be included at no extra cost.

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