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Our philosophy

We envisage an enlightened society that thrives on knowledge – the building blocks of all learning. Literacy and education form the cornerstones of success, growth and prosperity.

We all need to work together to build a promising future for our country. We have to acknowledge that there is tremendous need for libraries in schools and communities all across South Africa.  We should also consider viable solutions to address this problem facing under-resourced areas. Furthermore, feasible opportunities are necessary to be explored in order to make a meaningful contribution.

As responsible citizens, we all have a duty towards the upliftment of disadvantaged communities by creating the opportunity to get a grip on life’s competitive edges. This is a challenge we dare not ignore.

It’s imperative to not only recognise the potential of every South African, but also their right to have opportunities to optimise their potential.  Exposure to the intriguing world of books offers a perfect opportunity.  Qualibooks’ mobile library units and resources are effective tools, which can open up top-notch opportunities to benefit any individual or community.

Children are our future, knowledge is a gift – together we can contribute toward their quality of life.

Mission and vision statements


To be the foremost efficient provider of curriculum-based library and other educational resources to schools and communities, in partnership with key players in the educational sector by leaning on responsible corporate citizens,thereby enhancing the quality of educational outcomes.


Passionate about creating a knowledgeable society by improving literacy and numeracy skills of our children.


In 1992, Qualibooks was established with the view of serving the broad educational community with the provision of quality school resources. Registered in 2000 as a Holding company, Qualibooks has since established itself as a trustworthy and reliable service provider within the educational fraternity.

The company expanded and a new division, Afribuka Educational Distributors was established to develop and distribute mobile libraries and storage units primarily to the library domain.  These are known as our Wheelie Bookwagon range. The Wheelie Bookwagons were intended to provide lasting and durable library and storage solutions to the remote schools whose learners were deprived of exposure to quality reading material. To date, thousands of these library and storage units have been distributed throughout the country.

In 2007, Qualibooks Publishing was established and tasked with the writing and creation of new reading and story books.  Since its inception, we have produced thirty six unique stories. All the books have been retold and translated into all eleven official languages in South Africa.  These materials have also been approved by the various provincial Departments of Education to be used as part of the literacy component of the curriculum.

In 2008, Qualibooks Naledi was established based on the commitment to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. The company is primarily responsible for the distribution of educational and support materials to schools and communities. The shareholders and management all bring with them a wealth of experience from various market sectors, including education, wealth creation, financial planning strategic marketing, SMME and entrepreneurial skills. This is represented in the company shareholding, management and B-BBEE verification certificate.

Since 2009, Qualibooks has actively engaged with NPC’s who share similar core values in committing to the intent of unlocking human potential. We believe this will be accomplished by providing quality literacy and general library educational resources to all schools and communities nationwide

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