1. Inhouse publications (catalogue)

We proudly present a diverse collection of locally created content aimed at providing young readers with a comprehensive understanding of their world. Our publications are carefully crafted to reflect the rich diversity of our nation, incorporating authentic illustrations, language, and respectful representations of our people.These works are available in all eleven South African languages, tailored to young readers in the Foundation and Intermediate phases of their schooling. In this catalogue, you will find a range of topics that engage young minds, including explorations of historical figures and human rights advocates like Nelson Mandela, shedding light on critical aspects of South African history and emphasising the importance of voting. Our stories delve into essential social justice and moral themes, thoughtfully placed within the South African context. These books serve as a source of knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment for young readers. They are visually engaging and invite young minds on a captivating journey of exploration and discovery.

We cater to all 11 South African languages

2. International publications

Discover a world of wonder for your kids with our fantastic selection of books. From thrilling adventures to fascinating history and the animal kingdom, we offer something for everyone.

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3. Reading program