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We’re inviting teachers and parents from all across South Africa for a series
of free webinars as we present practical solutions to help improve your
child’s reading and comprehension.

Catch up on this series of FREE WEBINARS!

Christopher de Beer (sales and marketing director of took hands with Monique van Heerden (franchise owner for Edublox) and welcomed a variety of guest speakers, who are known experts in their field, tackling real-life reading problems that teachers, parents and learners are confronted with on a daily basis.

What was the webinar about?

In these short webinars, and Edublox provided valuable insight into some of the most challenging situations that children are facing, which impact their ability to both read and comprehend.

We encourage you to watch these webinars, as we are convinced that you will receive incredible tools that you can apply to improve your child’s reading and/or to aid the pupils who you teach.

Hosted by Kibooks in association with Edublox

Webinar series outline

Through hosting a webinar on the first Thursday of every month,
we took thousands of teachers and parents on a journey of – “How to improve your child’s reading!”.

Webinar 1

4 steps to…
Improve your childs reading

Webinar 2

Children who struggle to read…
Is eyesight the culprit?

Webinar 3

Sight words vs high frequency words
Leading up to fluency

Webinar 4

Lend us your ears!
The connection between reading & auditory skills

Webinar 5

Reading strategies

Webinar 6

Do you comprehend?

Webinar 7

Learn to read, read to learn

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After using our platform for only a short period, we received the most valuable testimonials from teachers at Curro Independent School in Thatchfield, as well as the learners themselves, and their parents.