Spider Scorpions & Creepy Crawlies


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Did you know that all spiders can make silk, but not all spiders use it to spin webs? (Some make lassos with their silk to catch prey.) Did you know that scorpions are the third most deadly animal to humans (after mosquitoes and snakes)? Did you know that the bootlace worm can grow up to 180ft (55m) long? From the black widow spider and trapdoor spider to the slavemaker ant and the death walker scorpion, Spiders, Scorpions & Creepy Crawlies takes the reader on a fascinating journey into a world which can be as distant as remote tropical climates or as close as our own beds. Each of the 43 featured creatures is illustrated with a large, full-colour artwork and accompanied by colour photographs, easy-to-follow text, locator maps and boxes packed with educational information. With insects, arachnids and molluscs carefully drawn from tropical, desert and temperate climates, this engaging and accessible volume reveals the secrets of some of nature’s strangest and most colourful animals.

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