Record Breakers! More than 500 Fantastic Feats


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Amazing facts about people, animals, Earth, and space pack this fantastic kids’ book of world records. It’s the perfect gift book for children ages 9-11. Witness jaw-dropping, record-breaking feats by extraordinary people and animals in this visual guide to amazing achievements. Record Breakers brings you the first, fastest, longest, largest, biggest, and best records in the world. Track the longest shark migration (12,400 miles/(20,000 km); visit the coolest place on the planet (Vostok Station, Antarctica: a chilling -128.6ºF/ -89.2ºC); see how plane pioneer Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier, and much more. The greatest human achievements are showcased, from pioneering inventors to modern feats of engineering, technology, transportation, and sports. But there’s far more than just people power in the book, there are also records about animals, plants, and our amazing natural world, Earth, and space. Find out all about the best of everything in Record Breakers–an entertaining and educational book for the whole family.

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