The Slime Squad vs The Fearsome Fists


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“Mad scientist Godfrey Gunk had a dream – a dream of creating a whole safari park of monsters on an old rubbish dump. It didn’t work. Little did Godfrey know that after he left the rubbish dump, his dream came true … Meet the inhabitants of Trashland, a whole world full of different types of slimy monsters who all live peacefully alongside each other – at least until now …Plog keeps himself to himself on account of his very slimy, very stinky feet, so he is surprised one day when Trashland’s superhero Slime Squad with their different slimy special powers turn up at his sewer door and bundle him back to their secret operations base. Things are changing in the rubbish dump, mean and nasty slime monsters have grown and are starting to shatter the peace with their evil crimes. The Slime Squad need some help, and they think Plog is the monster to offer it! It’s time to fight crime with slime!”

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