The Need

Since our informal beginnings in1992, Qualibooks Naledi, (B-BBEE Level 1 category A company) has grown in reputation to be a leading library resource service provider. Our national clients include booksellers, NPO’s, NGO’s, provincial Departments of Education, primary and high schools as well as municipal and provincial libraries (Department Sport, Art and Culture).

Qualibooks continues to seek ways in which to counter the problem of lacking library resources. We also find solutions to make these precious resources readily available, especially in disadvantaged and rural schools and communities throughout South Africa.

The investor

Through our track record, Qualibooks is experienced to be of benefit to corporate South Africa, that seek to invest some or all of their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds in the education sector.  The approach stems from a more targeted, needs specific manner using our tangible product solutions.

Additionally, we add value to companies that invest funds via Enterprise Development (ED) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) in order to optimise their B-BBEE scorecard points, since we are a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor.

The solutions

Qualibooks provides the solution to the need by introducing the branded mobile library unit (Wheelie Bookwagon).  This is a viable alternative cost effective and quick to implement solution to the lacking library infrastructure and storage space in schools.

These libraries, together with the almost three thousand different library resource book titles in stock, presents the ideal solution to provide access to much needed library resources to our people. These resources (fiction, non-fiction, reference and children’s readers in all eleven languages) are current and serve to enhance and compliment the school curriculum.

Our competitive advantage rests in the fact that we offer a cost effective and sustainable turnkey product solution to address the social problems and need. By manufacturing our mobile libraries locally and holding all book resources in stock, we ensure the shortest possible implementation time, benefitting both our investors and beneficiaries.

Our infrastructure

With our established courier network and our extensive operational experience, we are able to reach far and wide to remote areas countrywide.

We have comprehensive warehousing, full office automation and support infrastructure including an exceptional experienced team.  Each team member is employed in roles that complement their respective strengths, with a view to ensuring client (and beneficiary) satisfaction.

The opportunity through  corporate social responsibility (CSI)

  • This opportunity serves as a unique CSI  initiative for the benefit of school children;
  • No minimum amount required to spend and can be tailored to the investor’s specific need;
  • The client chooses an institution where they’d like to make an impact, for instance in areas where employees’ children go to school;
  • The mobile library units (Wheelie Bookwagons) are branded with the client’s corporate identity for maximum exposure thus creating an opportunity for brand awareness in the beneficiary communities;
  • Investors take “ownership” of a tangible project that can be a multi-year involvement;
  • A project can be finalised within a few days, as books and mobile libraries are in stock.