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We’re inviting teachers from all across South Africa for a free webinar as Kibooks together with Edublox look at reading resources for the classroom and how you can improve reading comprehension of your students.

Want to Increase your Grade Average?

Teachers and Educators across SA are calling this platform the answer to the current pandemic in the schools – where pupils are grossly behind and where teachers are battling to get ahead.

Introducing the best tool to reach SA’s schools…

7 October

13:00 – 13:45


What is the Webinar About?

A Revolutionary Digital Reading Platform

Join the webinar where Edublox will share practical strategies that you can use to further the reading and reading comprehension of your students, while Kibooks shares the use of its revolutionary digital reading platform, suitable for every student on every reading level, in every classroom.

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Watch Curro Independent School’s Review on

After using our platform for only a short period, we received the most valuable testimonials from teachers at Curro Independent School in Thatchfield, as well as the learners themselves, and their parents.

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