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As a long-standing library resource service provider and publisher, we have an exciting new development.  We are proud to introduce our digital subscription library platform for primary schools called, Qualibooks’ Pocket Library. This is an exciting venture in Qualibooks’ ever striving effort to enable children access to quality library resources.  This platform offers learners, parents, and educators the opportunity to access a variety of library books anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Please view our introductory video which offers a useful overview on this project.

The Pocket Library currently contains a few hundred fiction and non-fiction books across all eleven South African languages. This number will increase monthly. It covers publications from various local and international publishing partners as well. The platform is subscription based and the content can therefore not be downloaded or bought online, but only accessed through a valid subscription. An application to have our site zero-data rated is already in process and has been approved by the National Department of Education. We await further approval from network service providers. 

In terms of social investment, it presents an opportunity for corporate entities and government institutions to invest by way of sponsored subscriptions. This will enable schools with limited funding to gain access for their leaners as well. With this approach, learners will be able to subscribe to all these resources free of charge. 

  • Unlike other websites, access to these books will be available to all children (from a subscribing school) for the duration of the subscription period.
  • Each school will receive a personal username and password.
  • Like banking apps, the user will automatically be logged out after no activity.
  • The baseline cost varies between 01 – R0.03 per child, per book, per month.
  • These costs are nominal in comparison to buying printed books and the subscription terms can be up to 12 months.
  • The subscription will allow each learner to continue reading even when not at school, i.e. at home, on their parent’s cell phones, Smart TV’s, tablets, or laptops. This can be done through free Wi-Fi spots at school, public libraries, community centres etc. In this manner, an accelerated path to developing a reading culture among our children is achievable.
  • Please note: Comprehensive access reports will be available per school, indicating the number of users, type of device used (cell / tablet/ laptop), how many times users logged in, how many books were read, most popular books etc. This will provide each school (and the investor) with valuable and detailed data to track and evaluate the impact of this endeavour. This is a particularly important component, which lacked in the past.


Limited Site Access

For demonstration purposes, the site (with a limited number of titles) is available to navigate using the following link:


Temporary username: Qualibooks
Temporary password: QBHqbn95# 

Please note: Only 5 books across 4 languages will be on display, using this limited site login details.

The reason: We now have paying subscribers, who will have access to all the hundreds of resources we have uploaded recently, with more to come. Understandably then, we can no longer enable full access to non-subscribers.  

Go ahead and explore the site and share with your peers.  Contact us using the “Enquire here” tab on the login page, or email us at online@qualibooks.co.za for more info. 

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