Our books

Our material (fiction, non-fiction, reference, readers and storybooks) are all age-appropriate and serve to enhance what is taught in the curriculum. As is true to the purpose of a library, our materials are packed with information which learners can use when completing school projects. The purpose further extends to learning more about a specific topic and thus broadening their knowledge horizons.

Our books are guaranteed to be educationally sound and fully acceptable from within a social, cultural, moral and ethical perspective.

We cater for readers in all eleven South African languages in the foundation and intermediate phases. We support the research findings that children who enter school with a solid foundation in their mother tongue develop stronger literacy abilities in their language of instruction.

Our book covers the following learning areas:

  • Arts and culture;
  • Economics and management sciences including Entrepreneurship;
  • Languages (home, first and second additional language);
  • Life orientation;
  • Mathematics;
  • Natural sciences;
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography;
  • Technology.

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