Make a difference to the future of our school children

Over the past few years, it’s been proven that school children’s reading ability has a direct impact on the number of years they attend school. Thus by improving their reading ability, school children will have a better chance determining their prospective future. School leaving children are often pushed into any career due to a lack of performance in school. Reality often demonstrates that children who do not perform adequately in school, eventually become part of criminal activities in their communities.

Benefits to all

Qualibooks offers various benefits to all parties involved. Donating library books to school children creates opportunities to improve their reading skills. The donor company that made the contribution can make a difference to its employee’s morale by donating books to the schools which the employee’s children attend. Simultaneously, points will be earned for the SED and /or ED elements of their B-BBEE scorecard. A further benefit is that the company’s logo on the mobile library unit gives them additional exposure. An additional benefit is also the exposure received due to the entity’s logo being displayed on the mobile library unit. They can also make mention thereof on the company website.

B-BBEE consultants also benefit from the process as it diminishes the burden to get all the relevant documents signed. The process of drafting and signing of all documentation is executed in a short period of time. Qualibooks assures peace-of-mind with assistance in claiming the SED and ED points correctly, effectively and in time.

How does it work?

By making use of The Qualibooks’ product offering, companies can earn points for the SED & ED elements of its BEE scorecard. The company’s BEE consultant gives the donor an indication of the amount of money that needs to be spent on the various elements. That exact amount will then be allocated to mobile libraries and books according to the donors needs.

The company then decides which school the mobile library units and books will be donated to. An invoice is generated for the said amount, and once payment is made all documentation will be completed and sent. The company then supplies their logo and artwork to form part of the rendition to brand the mobile library unit for maximum exposure to the donor. Once the rendition is approved by the client, it will be sent for printing. As soon as printing is finalised, a date that suits all parties will be determined for handover to take place. On the day of handover, photos can be taken to be displayed on the company website.