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TIME For Kids continues the success of That’s Awesome! to create, That’s Incredible!, a book filled with brand-new and impressive facts combined with colorful and attention-grabbing photos and illustrations about the marvels of the world. That’s Incredible! is divided into 15 chapters, new and old, with 100% all new facts and records covering: Record-breaking sports and games-and the people who broke those records The incredible world of animals and plants such as the oldest living things on earth and unusual critters such as 40-foot-long giant squids Technology and inventions that are making our lives and our planet greener and better such as vertical gardens, cars that fly, and robot teachers World wonders such as the terra cotta army in China and the prehistoric drawings in the caves of Lascaux, France Shocking, gross, and just plain incredible bugs that ooze slime, vampire animals, and the smallest person in the world

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