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The Know The Game Complete Skills Series Is A Perfect Introduction To A Sport For Every Budding Player. Compiled From The Individual Know The Game Soccer Titles, The Book Will Teach Young Players The Basic Skills They Need To Start Enjoying The Sport – By Giving Them Plenty Of Simple Practice Drills And Showing How The Star Players Do It. In This Book, Players Will Learn : Attacking: Profile Of An Attacker Shooting For Goal Heading For Goal Receiving The Ball Passing For Attackers Losing Your Marker Running With The Ball Crossing The Ball Tricks For Attackers Shielding The Ball Attacker’s Challenge Defending: Profile Of A Defender Tackling Heading For Defenders Controlling The Ball Passing The Ball Pressing The Ball Covering Your Mates Stop An Opponent Turning Clearances And Volleys Counter-attacking Goalkeeping: Profile Of A Goalkeeper The Stance Handling The Ball Narrowing The Angle Shot Stopping Coming Off Your Line Clearances First Line Of Attack The Skills Test Clearly Illustrated And Written By A Professional Coach, This Book Will Give Every Young Player The All The Skills They Need To Enjoy Soccer.

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