Race to Slime Central


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Gooey and green – the ultimate team! Meet the Goozillas! When Max accidentally sneezes himself into his World of Slime computer game, he comes face to face with the Goozillas that live there . . . the Goozillas that he created! This is going to be the best adventure EVER! But all is not well in the World of Slime. The Goozillas are under attack from the cute-but-evil Sicklies, with their big eyes, soft fur, and deadly powers. It’s a race against time to get to Slime Central. But can Max and the Goozillas beat the Sicklies in their super-speedy vehicles? Well, they’ve got a souped-up Bogey Bus and are ready to burn some serious slime. On your marks, get set . . . goo! Exciting adventures illustrated throughout in full colour. 

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