Quest for Crusty Crater


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Gooey and green – the ultimate team! Meet the Goozillas! When Max accidentally sneezes himself into his World of Slime computer game, he comes face to face with the Goozillas that live there . . . the Goozillas that he created! This is going to be the best adventure EVER! But all is not well in the World of Slime. The Goozillas are under attack from the cute-but-evil Sicklies, with their big eyes, soft fur, and deadly powers. Max and the Goozillas take a leap of faith in the platform level of World of Slime, but the platforms are NOT playing fair. They move, they disappear, they even give you an electric shock! The evil Sicklies NEVER play fair either – you only have to look at their new recruit to see they’re up to no good. On second thoughts, don’t look at her . . . don’t look at . . . don’t look . . . don’t . . . Join the Goozillas on their latest HYPNOTIC adventure.

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